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Antelope Island 100K
November 6, 2010
6:00 a.m.

Ok boys and girls, the Antelope Island 100K is now on. Let the party begin. It's been awhile in the making but we'll give it a shot this year. (I still need to come up with a nifty logo)

This Antelope Island 100K will start at 6am on Saturday, November 6th at the White Rock Bay trailhead. This is the same place as the Buffalo Run start. The time limit will be 16 hours. There may be an early start option, but this isn't a real difficult course.

Also, for at least this first year, the number of entries will be limited to 75. We're not sure how the wildlife will react to runners on remote parts of the island so we're going to keep the footprint fairly small.

The course hasn't been set in stone yet, but it will be two 50K loops. Here's a link to the route as it exists now. http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=387141 The neat thing about this race is that you will get to go out on the west side of the island and run where the general public isn't allowed to go. For those of you familiar with the Buffalo Run course, you'll be able to follow along. For those who have never run the Buffalo run, most of this stuff will make absolutely no sense without a map. I'll put a map up soon, I hope. Basically the course goes like this. Start at White Rock Bay, just like the Buffalo Run. Go out and up the hillside, once you get to the switchback you go left. Then you keep running out to the Elephant Head aid station. This will be about 5.5 miles. Once past Elephant Head, you'll stay on the bench and go over to the switchbacks. You'll go down the switchbacks, then backtrack towards the north until the Death Valley aid station. You'll see it in the distance. This is another 4.5 miles. From Death Valley you'll go out on to the beach. Once on the beach, you'll follow the flags for roughly two miles. We have to stay on the beach along here due to the sensitive wildlife area up in the canyons in this area. Anyway, at some point the old ranch road comes right down on to the beach and you'll pick it up here. Follow the old ranch road for the next few miles up the hillside. You gain about 1000' along here. You'll get to the north side of the Sentry trail. Guess what, there'll be an aid station here. From here you'll go behind Sentry peak, then down the dirt road to the ranch. We'll have an aid station beyond the ranch at a place called 9-mile gate. From the ranch you'll follow the Mountain View Trail north. You'll also find an aid station at the Lower Frary parking lot. Once you get to the north fence, you'll bushwhack up along the fence to the dirt road, then follow the road back to the start/finish area. Anyway, eventually you end up back at the White Rock Bay trailhead, only to go out and do it all again. Won't that be fun!

Aid Stations
Some of the aid stations aren't real close together, so you'll need to plan accordingly

Elephant Head - This is a full service aid station about 5.5 miles from the start. Same place as for the Buffalo Run. You can have drop bags here.

Death Valley - This is 4.5 miles from Elephant Head. Somewhat limited aid. No drop bags available.

North Sentry - Pretty much full service around 6 miles from Death Valley. No drop bags here either.

Nine Mile Gate - Once again, full service. This one is about 6.6 miles from North Sentry. We'll let you have a drop bag here.

Lower Frary - Full service. Roughly 3 miles from Nine Mile Gate. No drop bags here but we may have a porta-john.

Start/finish - Full service (obviously) about 6.6 miles from lower Frary.

Time Limits
With a 16 hour time limit, we'll plan the aid station cutoffs accordingly. If you get back to the start after 8 hours, you won't be allowed to continue because if you're like me, you just get slower as time goes on. We might have an early start option if enough people want it.

Finish line Stuff
We'll have some sort of food for you to eat when you finish. My lovely wife has agreed to make buffalo chili for everyone. We'll do a vegetarian version as well. Soda, homebrew, cookies, maybe some other stuff.

We'll have both large canopies up and we'll see about getting some sort of heat in there at night to take the chill off. If you want to sack out in a sleeping bag before, after, or during the race, we'll see about setting aside an area for that.