Buffalo Run Training Runs

Once again, we’re going to have a series of both official and unofficial training runs. The distance will vary from 14 to 26 miles, or somewhere in that range. Below are the dates and the most likely distance and route. These runs will avoid conflicts with the Striders Winter Training Series.  BTW, if you want bonus points, sign up for that AND run the training runs.

There may or may not be aid along the routes. Plan on bringing your own stuff and if there’s some aid, we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

November 2

We’ll meet at the main gate at 8am and carpool out to the Mountain View trailhead. We will run south to the Lower Frary parking lot and turn around. This is part of the 50 and 100 mile course. This run is fairly easy, flat and very runnable. If you want to lengthen the run, just go further south. The entire trail is 11.4 miles long. Our run will be around 12 miles.

December 7

Meet at the main gate at 8am. We’ll go out to the race start/finish and run the White Rock trail, return to the start/finish then head north and run the Lakeside trail around the north end of the island. Probably around 14-15 miles.

January 4

8am, main gate, notice a pattern here?  This time we’ll go to the race start/finish, We’ll do both the White Rock and Split Rock trails, and throw in the Elephant Head out and back as well. Probably around 17-18 miles.

February 8

Once again, meet at the main gate at 8am. This time we’ll go to the Mountain View trailhead and run south to the ranch and back. This is a fairly flat and very runnable trail. If you want to cut this one short, turn around at the Lower Frary parking lot, This will get you about 11-12 miles. Distance – 22.8 miles

March 1

Meet at the main gate at 8am. This will be our last long run and will be the longest. We’ll start at the race start/finish, run the White Rock and Split Rock trails, maybe Elephant Head, then for those who want to, we’ll run over to run the trail to Bridger Bay campground and around the Lakeside trail. Good preview for the 50 mile runners. If you run everything, I’m guessing it’s around 23-24 miles. Just the White Rock/Split Rock combo is 13.5 miles.

There will probably be a few unofficial training runs as well. These may be set up by John at Striders Running Store or by myself, so check their website at www.stridersrunning.com or get on their e-mail list.

Also, as it usually does, weather may play a factor in where we run, but unless the roads are impassable, the runs will take place. Many times the weather along the front can be crappy while on the island it can be sunny, nice, and beautiful.