Antelope Island 100K and 50K
October 11, 2014
6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Ok boys and girls, the Antelope Island 50K/100K is now on. Let the party begin.

Weather, hmmm, it could be pretty warm on that day.  We could also have snow.  The average high for October 11th is 67 degrees. That means it could be much warmer (or much colder). We’ll have a bit more daylight as well.

Race –

This Antelope Island 100K will start at 6am on Saturday, October 11th at the White Rock Bay trailhead. The Antelope Island 50K will start at 8am at the same location. This is the same place as the Buffalo Run start. The time limit will be 16 hours for the 100K and 14 hours for the 50K. There will not be an early start option. The course is pretty easy.

Open entries this year.  Yeah, no limit on the number of runners.

Registration -

Registration should be open around June 1.  There will only be one way to register this year and that’s electronically.  Go to and sign up there. We cover the fee.

The cost for the 50K race is $62.37 through September 30th, then we raise the entry fee to $71.98.   For the 100K race, the entry fee is $107.23 through September 30th, then we raise that one to $116.94. So get it in early. Why the odd entry fee amount? Mainly because the race director is kind of odd. BTW, it’s the cheapest 50K around, The North Face wants $85 for their 50K the week before. You’ll be able to register online until October 4th.   Also, no day of race entry, too confusing.

State Park Waiver

You need to sign a Waiver with the state park at checkin, at the start.

Course –

The course will be one or two 50K loops. The water level of the Great Salt Lake is still up and there is no beach. We’ll run the same course as last year. The neat thing about this race is that you will get to go out on the west side of the island and run where the general public isn’t allowed to go. For those of you familiar with the Buffalo Run course, you’ll be able to follow along. For those who have never run the Buffalo run, most of this stuff will make absolutely no sense without a map. Here’s a link to the route.

Basically the course goes like this. Start at White Rock Bay, just like the Buffalo Run. Go out and up the hillside, once you get to the switchback you go left. Then you keep running out to the Elephant Head aid station. This will be about 5.5 miles. Once past Elephant Head, you’ll continue to follow the Buffalo Run route down Death Valley, then up the switchbacks. At the top of the switchbacks you’ll head south following the old ranch road on to the west side of the island. There will be no course markings along this section of the route, however, no one has gotten off trail in this section yet.  Continue to follow the old ranch road for the next few miles up the hillside. You gain about 1000’ along here. You’ll get to the north side of the Sentry trail. Guess what, there’ll be an aid station here. From here you’ll go behind Sentry peak, then down the dirt road to the ranch. We’ll have an aid station just north of the ranch at a place called 9-mile gate. From the ranch you’ll follow the Mountain View Trail north. You’ll also find an aid station at the Lower Frary parking lot. Once you get to the fence, you’ll bushwhack up along the fence to the paved road, then follow the dirt road next to the fence back to the start/finish area. Anyway, eventually you end up back at the race HQ, only to go out and do it all again if you’re running the 100K. Won’t that be fun!

Aid stations

Some of the aid stations aren’t real close together, so you’ll need to plan accordingly

Elephant Head – This is a full service aid station about 5.5 miles from the start. Same place as for the Buffalo Run. You can have drop bags here.

North Sentry – Pretty much full service around 8 miles from Elephant Head. No drop bags here.

Nine Mile Gate – Once again, full service. This one is about 6.6 miles from North Sentry. We’ll let you have a drop bag here.

Lower Frary – Full service. Roughly 3 miles from Nine Mile Gate. No drop bags here but we may have a porta-john.

Start/finish – Full service (obviously) about 6.6 miles from Lower Frary.

Time limits –

With a 16 hour time limit for the 100K, we’ll plan the aid station cutoffs accordingly. For the 100K, if you get back to the start after 8 hours, you won’t be allowed to continue because if you’re like me, you just get slower as time goes on.

Dogs –

For this race I ask that you leave your dogs at home.  The reason is that you’ll be in the island backcountry and off of public trails.  The park has asked that I not allow dogs for this race.  Thanks.

Finish line stuff –

We’ll have some sort of food for you to eat when you finish. My lovely wife will once again make buffalo chili for everyone. We’ll do a vegetarian version as well. Soda, homebrew, cookies, maybe some other stuff.

We’ll have a large canopy up and we’ll see about getting some sort of heat in there at night to take the chill off. If you want to sack out in a sleeping bag before, after, or during the race, we’ll see about setting aside an area for that.

Also, this year I’m combining the 50K/100K with the Mountain View Trail Half Marathon.  They will start at the ranch and finish at White Rock Bay with you folks.