Since not everyone wants to read through the website and figure out the answers to any questions they may have, here’s a condensed version of some stuff. Also, please don’t call Striders Running store with questions. Most of their employees have never run the race and don’t know the details such as pacing, elevation, aid stations, etc. You’re just taking them away from helping customers in the store. They are providing a location for check in and that’s about it.

I’m so confused, when does the race (which ever one) start?
The 100 mile starts at noon on Friday, March 21st, 2014. The 50 mile starts at 6am, the 50K starts at 8am, and the 25K starts at 8:30am, all on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014.
How do you get to the island?
Well, you can drive, walk, or ride a bike. Take exit 332 off of I-15 and go west. Do not turn off of Antelope Drive, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. The island is about 15 miles west of I-15.
What stuff will be at the aid stations?
The usual ultra fare. That means cookies, chips, fruit, usually oranges and bananas, pbj’s, ramen or broth for the 100 and 50 mile runners, and Gu at most aid stations. The sports drink is Succeed! Ultra. If you don’t like any of this stuff, bring your own.
Can I have a pacer?
Not for the 25K or 50K. You can have a pacer for the 100 mile starting at the 50-mile mark (start/finish). You can have a pacer for the 50 mile starting at the ranch, this is mile 33.
What’s the elevation gain?
The net gain is zero. Actually, for the 25K it’s about 1800’, for the 50K about 3600’, for the 50 mile about 3500’, and for the 100 mile about 7000’. The high point on the course is 5000’, the low point is the start at 4200’.
What’s the weather going to be like?
Heck, I don’t know. Could be snowing, raining, or gorgeous. Usually it’s breezy, sunny, in the low 30’s in the morning and warming to the 50’s by afternoon.
What if I want to switch distances?
Just let me know by the Wednesday before the race. No refunds on dropping down in distance and you’ll need to cough up the difference if you want to go up in distance.
I still want a hoody but didn’t order one?
Tough luck. Actually, there will be hoodies for sale at the race. Same price, $25. Size selection may be limited. Cash or check, no credit cards.
I’m bringing some extra people, do I still need to pay for their meals?
Duh! Yes, a couple of bucks isn’t much to ask for home made buffalo stew. We’ll have a jar for the money. Strictly an honor system. We can’t keep track of 700+ runners and their families and groupies.
I don’t do camping, the ground is dirty and has bugs in it. Where’s the nearest hotel?
Layton is the location for a mess load of hotels. Also, it’s the nearest ones to the island. All of the hotels in Layton are within ½ mile of each other and right off of exit 332. They’re also about 15 miles from the island.
When is check in?
Ok, check in for all distances is at Striders on Thursday from 10am-7pm. On Friday March 21st, 2014, check in for the 100 mile will be at the main gate parking lot from 7am to 11:30am. 100 mile runners DO NOT go to Striders on Friday, your stuff WILL NOT be there. All other distances, you can check in at Striders on Friday from 10am-7pm. If you can’t make it to Striders, there will be race day check in at the main gate starting at 4:30am and going through 8:30am. If you don’t make it to any of these check in’s, oh well.

Hope this helps some of you. If you still want someone to hold your hand and answer questions, shoot me an e-mail. I try to answer within an hour or so. Don’t call me, I have a day job that I have to perform.

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