Good Water Rim Races

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There’s a new race in town, or more like way out of town.  The Good Water Rim Trail 25K/50K will take tentatively take place on May 2, 2015.  I’m still waiting on BLM permit approval.  This race will be down near Castledale, UT. 

Some of you have run this trail before and know it to be a pretty nice run.

Dates & Times

Tentatively May 2, 2015 – 7:00am start time for the 50K, 8:00am for the 25K.


Registration isn’t open yet, figure sometime around November 1.  Here’s the scoop once it does open.  Since I don’t have a formal permit and the trail isn’t an official designated route yet, any entry fees will be held in escrow.  If the race doesn’t come to fruition due to the BLM not issuing a permit, or designate the trail as official in a timely fashion or at all, all entry fees will be refunded less the convenience fee that ultrasignup charges.  Hopefully that will ease your mind regarding signing up.

Electronic registration only.


If you don’t have internet access, go borrow your buddy’s computer and steal his or her internet access to register, or have them do it for you. Make sure you enter before either the race fills, or the cutoff date. Once past the cutoff date or entry limit, no more entries.  I’ll start a wait list if the 150 runner limit is reached.

Entry Fees

Let’s go with the same pricing as the Buffalo Run 25K & 50K.


$67.82 if you sign up by March 22, 2015

$78.93 if you sign up between April 1 and April 11


$81.55 if you sign up by March 22, 2015.

$92.37 if you sign up between April 1 and April 11.

Entry will close on April 11, 2015.

Entry Limits

150 for this first year.  If I get more than that I’ll start a wait list.

Course Descriptions

This is fairly flat and fast.  Maybe a whopping 1,000’ of gain total for the 50K.  The high point is 6,250’, the low point is 6,000’. 

The route follows the Good Water Rim Trail along the rim of the Good Water Canyon from one end to the other and back.  Actually, the start/finish will be at a campsite roughly half way around, so you’ll basically run two out and backs.

The 25K will do just one out and back, the 50K will do both out and backs.

All narrow single track except for a bit of dirt road at either end to get the full 25K or 50K.  Not very technical although there’s plenty of rocks.  Since the trail follows the Good Water Canyon rim, there’s lots of twists and turns.  Just take a look at the map.

With the way the trail twists and turns and follows every little side draw, you’ll be able to see your fellow runners a lot.   

The nice thing about this trail is the lack of people, including mountain bikes.  Every time I have gone to run this trail I see very few, if any, people.

Cutoff Times

You need to be done by 5:00pm.  That’s nine or ten hours to run an easy 25K or 50K.  Should be plenty of time.  Not sure about intermediate cutoff times yet.


If the race goes forward, I won’t do refunds.  If it doesn’t go forward, entries will be refunded less the ultrasignup convenience fee. This race is a bit more involved and costly than the ones I put on out on Antelope Island.   Also, please don’t ask to switch names with someone else if you can’t run. It gets too confusing for the timers (and the race director, who is easily confused) to switch names and races.  Also, don’t ask to rollover your entry. Won’t happen mainly because the entry fees associated with the race stay with this year’s race, plus it just confuses the race director (once again, he’s easily confused).

Drop Bags

Yep, one drop bag location, at the start/finish.


There will be three aid stations total.  One at each end of the out and backs and one at the start/finish

Crew and Pacers

Nope, no pacers, not gonna happen.

Crew can help at each aid station, but not outside the immediate area.

Camping and Lodging

Race HQ will be in campsite #5.  This is a rather large campsite, so if you want to camp out there, cool.  If not, find another spot.  If camping isn’t your bag you have several options available.  First, you could just do the four hour drive from SLC.  That means you can sleep for a little while in your own bed.  Second, there’s some hotels/motels in Price.  Plan on an hour to get to the race.  Third, I think there’s some motels in Castledale and Huntington.  Here’s what I found:

Castledale area:

San Rafael Bed & Breakfast

15 E 100 N

Castledale, UT


Village Inn Motel

307 S Main Street

Huntington, UT


Village Inn Motel

75 E Main Street

Castledale, UT


There are also a bunch of hotels and motels in the Price, UT area.


The race will be hand timed.

Watching the race

Unless you hike out, there’s not any real access to the trail outside of either end of the trail and the race HQ.  However, you can see a lot of the rim from the race HQ and will probably be able to see runners as well. 


Finisher awards of coffee mugs like usual.  Not sure what the winners will get yet, I’ll figure out something.

Some Rules

Here are a few of the rules. We’ll make up others as needed.

First, NO TRASHING THE TRAIL. If you are observed purposely dropping litter of any kind (including the little gel tab thingies), you will be removed from the race. Period. We will have trash cans setup a ways outside each refreshment stop.

Second, no cutting the course or leaving the trail. There’s no prize money for this race, so no incentive.  Plus, why cut the course?  That’s just lame and makes you an idiot that can’t hack it.  Also, there is an endangered cactus in the area, we don’t want you trampling these.

Third, no crew aid allowed between aid stations. That just makes it a little unfair for those who don’t have the luxury of a crew.

Fourth, please be courteous to other users when you’re on the trails. Let them know you’re coming up behind them well ahead of time and if you are coming head on, try to make room.

Sixth, and we shouldn’t have to say this, but be very nice to the volunteers.  They’ve given up their day of cleaning house, shopping, yard work, to be out here catering to your needs and listening to your whining, thank them profusely. The point of these rules is that we want this race to be more than a one time thing.  Being good stewards is part of that effort.


Check in will be on Friday evening the day before the race probably starting at about 3pm, maybe later.  Race day check in will start at 5am.

We’ll have a brief prerace briefing at about 6:45am.

Medical Stuff

Please don’t die on us out there.  Don’t fall off the rim of the canyon either.  That will leave a mark.  If you get hurt, let the next aid station know somehow and we can get someone out to pick up your sorry butt.  We should have some sort of first aid trained people out there, but keep in mind that it is pretty remote and getting you to a hospital will definitely take some time. 

Post Race Feed

There will be a post race feed. It will begin at around noonish on Saturday. Not sure what’s on the menu yet.  Let me ask the cook.


Spring weather in Utah can be nice or not (there’s a profound statement). Typically, Price, UT has highs in the mid 60’s in early May, but it could be much warmer, or colder.  Probably pretty dry too.

Directions to the race

Getting there, from the north: Exit US-6 in Price, southbound on highway 10. Go through Huntington. (In Huntington, there’s an alternate road that ends up at the trailhead. I haven’t tried it.) As you approach Castle Dale 28 miles from Price, watch for a sign that says “San Rafael Access” and a broad dirt road on the left (heading east). There’s a huge corral near the start of the road. From here it’s a solid 20 miles to the race start.  Once you’re on the dirt road, go 12.2 miles. Turn right at an X intersection where you’ll see a trail kiosk and a bathroom. Drive 7 miles south, staying on the main road. When the road gets to another kiosk for The Wedge Recreation Area, turn left.  Campsite #5 is about .5 miles and will be on your right.  Plan on an hour if you’re coming from Price, about four hours from Salt Lake City.  We’ll put out a few signs to help.

Race Course Map