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Hey, next up on the calendar of events is the 2010 version of the Mountain View Trail Half Marathon. The date this year is October 16. Once again we'll start the race at 9am so we can sleep in a little bit.

So here's the scoop:

You can register one of three ways. Go to www.ultrasignup.com and sign up there. We cover the fee. You can print out the entry form and mail it in. Or you can go to Striders Running Store in Layton and give them your money. Totally up to you. The cost for the race is $45.00 through October 1st, then we raise the entry fee to $55.00, so get it in early. You'll be able to register online until October 14th. You can send it in the mail as long as the entry is postmarked no later than October 9th, or you can go to Striders up to the day before the race. Also, no day of race entry, too confusing.

Yep, there's a course. Same as last year. We'll start at White Rock Bay near the trailhead. The course will then take you on some dirt roads for about 2-3 miles so the massive crowd of runners can string out a little bit, then you'll bushwack for about a quarter mile down the hillside to the Mountain View trail, then turn right and run to the Fielding Garr Ranch at the south end of the island. That's all there is to it. Pretty easy.

Aid stations
We'll have four aid stations set up. They'll have water, some sort of sports drink (probably whatever was left over from the Buffalo Run), and hopefully some gels at one aid station. Don't count on the gels though. We highly recommend that you carry a bottle with you.

Stuff You Get
What do you get for running the race? Well, you get free entry on to the island. We'll toss in some sort of tech shirt with the really cool race logo on it. Last year we gave away prize money to the top three men and women. It wasn't much, but at least we gave some out. We'll also have a bar-b-que at the ranch for runners and family (family costs a little bit extra, like $2 each). Oh, and we'll give you a ride back to White Rock Bay to pick up your car. Are we nice or what?

Last year we hand timed the race. If we have a lot more runners this year, we'll probably chip time it.

Some Rules
Here are a few of the rules. We'll make up others as needed. First, NO TRASHING THE PARK. If you are observed purposely dropping litter of any kind (including the little gel tab thingies), you will be removed from the race. Period. We will have trash cans setup a ways outside each refreshment stop. Drop your cups in those or carry them with you. They aren't that heavy. This ain't no stinkin' road race and we don't want to sweep the course to pick up your trash.

Don't cut the course. Of course that would be kind of difficult.

Make sure your race number shows. If you're going to bandit the race, then we won't give you anything at the aid stations.

No pacers. Come on now, really. If you need a pacer for a measly 13.1 miles, well, we won't go there. Of course you can hang with someone else running the race if you'd like.

Pre race check in will be all day Friday at Striders and Saturday morning starting at 7am at the parking lot by the main gate to the island.

If you're camping on the island, you'll have to drive out to the main gate to pick up your stuff and check in.

Post Race Feed
Like was mentioned above, we'll have a bar-b-que. Nothing fancy, just hamburgers and hot dogs with the fixin's, sodas and a limited supply of homebrew.

There are no refunds for this race. Think long and hard before entering, but don't think too long or hard, that'll just give you a headache.

The weather for the 2009 race was perfect. Sunny, cool at the start but by the time everyone was done, the temps had warmed up and it was very nice.

Directions to Antelope Island
If you're coming from either the north or south on I-15, take exit 332. This exit has a state park sign on the freeway. It's also the Antelope Drive exit. Once at the traffic signal off the exit, go west on Antelope drive. This means turn left off the northbound exit and right off the southbound exit. Drive about 4-5 miles towards the Great Salt Lake (west). Just before the lake you will run out of houses, etc. and see the main gate on to the island causeway. Just prior to the main gate, there is a paved parking lot on the left. This is where you can check in Saturday morning if you didn't on Friday. You will pick up your goody bag, etc. here. Your goody bag will contain a pass for the island that you will place on your dash. This pass is good for entry on to the island for Saturday only. It can be used multiple times, so if you or a family member needs to leave the island, you will be allowed back on.

Go across the causeway towards the island, enjoy the scenery of the mud flats, water and definitely enjoy the smell affectionately known as "lake stink". The smell isn't apparent on the island unless there is a good breeze blowing. Once on the island, follow the road as it veers left. Do not take the road to the visitor's center. Follow the signs to White Rock Bay. We'll have some race signs out on race day to help those that are directionally challenged. Once you get to the race area, you will be directed where to park by our friendly staff of parking enforcers

Miscellaneous Stuff
You may encounter Bison out on the course. Last year there were some blocking the trail for the front runners just a quarter mile from the finish. No, you don't get time compensation for buffalo delays. Go around the animals if you can, or just wait them out. Your call. Usually the females will move out of the way. Lift a tail and check if you're not sure of the gender. If you can do that, then you'll probably be eligible for a Darwin award. Dogs are allowed in the race but must be on a leash at all times. The leash cannot be longer than six feet. If you bring your dog, great, we love dogs. If you are seen with your dog off leash, you'll be yanked from the race and if a ranger sees you there may be a ticket issued.