Welcome to the Training Run Page

We will be having monthly training runs like we do every year. These runs will usually be the first Saturday of each month beginning in November and ending in March. So, read below for the specifics.

Dates & Times

For all of the training runs, we will meet at the large parking lot near the entrance to the causeway. We generally head out to the island at 8am. These training runs take place rain, snow or sunshine. We’ve had some very interesting weather to run in over the years. Keep in mind that it may be pretty icky and snowy on the mainland, but it may be nice and sunny out on the island.
There may or may not be some sort of aid provided. Don’t plan on it, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

November 1 – We will go to the north end of the Mountain View trail and run south to the Lower Frary parking lot and back. This is about 12 miles roundtrip and fairly flat. You can more or less mileage if you want.

December 6 – For this run we will start at the White Rock Bay trailhead. We’ll plan on running the 25K course. This ends up being around 16 miles since the course runs a bit long.

January 3 – Time to bump up the mileage a bit more. Now we’re going to run the 25K course followed by a transition to the Lakeside Trail. This adds about 4-5 miles to the mix for a total of around 20-21 miles.

February 7 – I had a hard time with this date. The first Saturday in February is usually the 5K for the Striders Winter Training Series. Then I usually have the training run the next Saturday. Well for 2015, the next Saturday is Moab Red Hot 55K and I may be at that race. So, we’ll have the training run on the 7th. For this run we’ll return to the Mountain View Trail and run the entire distance to the Ranch and back. 22.8 miles.

March 7 – This is the final training run. For this one, we’ll run the 25k course, throw in the Elephant Head out and back, and the transition over to the Lakeside trail. Figure about 24-25 miles total.

So, that’s it. Come out and run with us if you can. We generally have anywhere from half a dozen to 40 runners. There isn’t any pressure to keep up with a group. Everyone runs at their own pace. The object is to just get out and train on the course and become familiar with it. Plus, the island is one of the better places to run in the winter since there’s generally less snow cover on the ground.